Posted by: auntielucia | December 16, 2007

What this blog is about

The reason for this blog is to send a message to the world that we should cut down and then cut out using oil in our cooking at home.

This is because there is already much natural oil in most of the food we eat. Of course, it’s not possible to dictate “no oil” when eating outside or when the food is bought as take-away. Indeed, how to tell the bakery selling cakes and kueh-kueh to eliminate oil from their products altogether?

That being the case, where we are in control on how our food is prepared ie when it is cooked at home, then we must say “no” to oil.  

And cooking without oil needn’t be a pain. Apart from making the food healthier to eat, cooking without oil actually makes washing up after a meal a lot easier. Less grease, less need to go crazy with the washing up liquid, kinder on your hands and your water bills.  



  1. I quit using oil in my cooking, stoped using meat of any kind, frying my food, going out to restoraunts, or frying my food over a year ago. At the time I was 283 pounds at 5’7 inches in height. I had hypertension, migranes, acid reflux, was wheezing to breathe, and having angina. One year later in this experiment I weight 165 lbs, and all of my medical troubles have disappeared. I feel great. Basicly I boil, chop, or cut salads. Soy has become the stop gap for the times protein becomes a need. I take a good multivit. The issue of how flour is milled is next, and I have ceaced the use of salts. I am amazed at how even caned vegtables are soaking in corn syurp! American diet are toxic I am now convinced. Can’t something be done? It is worse than tobbaco!

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