Cooked in 60 mins

This is fishyWhen I cook, I try not to take longer than 60 minutes, from preparation to serving. And fish is the perfect choice for such fast to cook, good to eat strategy.

Of course, I avoid whole fish (unless it’s from the supermarket where they scale, gut and chop off all the untidy bits).  

I prefer fillets of oily fish like cod or salmon, as they can be lightly grilled or pan-fried, without need for any oil.

Cousin J had pointed out to me that Cold Storage supermarket at Bugis Junction basement sells belly salmon bits and pieces for S$2.50 for half kg and she buys them to feed her dogs!

What about bones? I asked, thinking her dogs will be at the vet in no time because I’d also bought similar packs but from a different CS and had found as many bones as you would find grains of sand on a beach.

Bones? J said she had never come across any, but added she couldn’t be sure as it was her maid who cooked the salmon bits.


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