Great porridge

Ah Fook might have made porridge by accident but not Mama LW. She cooked up a storm of superior dried scallop rice porridge when we held an early birthday party for HTK at her cosy place along Telok Kurau Road.Her porridge was quite soupy.

It took some four or five hours of slow cooking and much stirring to achieve that soupiness but the taste came from the dried scallops. She said wash them but no need to soak as the slow cooking would soften the scallops and bring out the taste.

Also, there’s no need to cook the rice in a special stock since the scallops would basically do the work of superior stock. She also threw in bits of left-over sharksfin to give the end result some texture and substance.

Still, I thought the porridge could be improved tremendously if she had added chopped scallions, sesame oil and some pepper before serving.

The fish roll brought by EC and sprinkled into the porrdige didn’t really do anything where I was concerned altho the others kept smacking their lips.

Indeed, the remaining fish roll that was split among us to take home tasted a lot better when I stirred it into the cooking rice.

My queasiness at eating several months’ old fish roll sitting in EC’s fridge paid off when the stuff was cooked till it turned pale pink, from the orange soggy state it was in, after EC thawed it.



  1. I highly enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep up writing such interesting articles.

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