Love is a must

When cooking, love is the most important ingredient. I had first learned about this principle when I attended Raja Yoga lessons in 1986 and heard the teacher say she won’t eat any “outside” food, which was food that wasn’t cooked by her or by the “sisters” who helped to run the yoga-centre.

I asked why since eating out gave one variety and saved much tedious and repetitive work in the kitchen.

Her reply was that she had to be sure of the mood of the person doing the cooking as a stressed cook would pass her stress to the food which in turn would be passed on to those who ate the food. Ditto with an unhappy cook. That’s how illness is spread, she asserted.

She has a point there. Since our bodies and body language can indicate and even transmit our feelings to those around us, why not to the meals we are making via our actions and thoughts?


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